Design and build of a visually engaging stand experience for the Print Show that provided an immersive environment to feature and demonstrate Ricoh’s print capabilities. The concept used structural architecture to embrace the experience, using large walls with apertures to entice, reveal and provide space for graphic manifestation and messaging. The stand layout was carefully developed to provide a controlled navigation for guests on the stand. From the welcome area, printer installations, branding and AV installations all deliverables were harmoniously fused to ensure guests were exposed to the full experience of printing technology, themed content and on stand hospitality. 

To enhance the marketing narrative of the stand all the graphics were produced using Ricoh printers. Further to this the brand was expanded beyond its corporate constraints through the deployment of a graphic identity for the show that encompassed a dynamic angular composition, overlays of the dot matrix pattern and visuals of ink clouds to capture Ricoh’s print heritage. Integrated within the framework of the artwork carefully placed call to action marketing messaging and projections of scrolling content were used to visually showcase the proposition, case studies and industry research. All reinforcing the overarching Growth Through Innovation theme. 
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