We are collaborative, informed and creative


With 20 years of experience we are a design studio that works with brands to create immersive environments, engaging content and memorable experiences across exhibitions, events, interiors, hospitality, retail and POS.

Our dynamic team of industry experts bring an energetic passion to the creation of environments and design solutions that embody the essence of brands. Delivering innovatively conceived and personalised outcomes that provide measurable strategic value between brand and guest.

We strive towards excellence at every touch point of the projects evolution. We’re obsessive over the craft, making it personal and ensuring an intuitive yet meticulous approach is deployed from concept to build.

More than just creative, we have the proven spectrum of skills to ensure that client relationships are nurtured and the correct collaborative and informed decisions are proactively implemented throughout all stages of a project. Adept at the strategic planning, design and build of projects we are able to offer proficient 3D visualisation and CAD skills, an extensive build knowledge, a trusted supplier network, and experience of managing projects from brief through to construction.

In today’s fast-paced events and interiors landscape it is essential to be well-versed in what’s required to deliver a range of tailored solutions to suit your specific requirements, time scales and budget. Please get in touch to discuss your next project and see how your customers experiences can become more enriched, engaging and strategically focused.


We work closely with our clients making sure we really get to know their marketing and brand objectives, crafting solutions based around these specific needs. By working intimately from concept through to production the collaborative journey encourages the effective identification and implementation of:

Collaborative, Informed and Creative Solutions

We’re Collaborative
- Creation of project objectives, strategy and briefing documents
- Definition of the brand position, brand essence and marketing landscape
- In house client workshops to present, discuss, analyse and develop the project

We’re Informed
- Understanding of the required strategy and brand journey
- Brand research and analysis
- Product research and analysis
- Relevant and current technology, build techniques and logistical efficiencies
- Architectural and event based trends and innovations

We’re Creative
- Bringing together the right mix of research, planning, innovation and craftsmanship
- Using a formula of design thinking that ensures all perspectives are covered
- Delivering creative ideas that make your customers experiences more exciting and more brand focused

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