A celebration of innovation in Aerospace with the primary focus being on the now, new and exciting innovations. The space is modern, striking and dynamic in the overall effect. With the use of contemporary detailing in the application of materials, finishes and high end technology to create a warm and welcoming overall effect.

Echoing The Essence
The distinctive qualities of the Farnborough International brand are employed through a creative approach that seeks to feature the brand as a core component. The pioneering spirit and brand essence has been conveyed through graphical treatment and a carefully selected suite of materials, textures and colour ways.

Custom Modularity
Architectural design, structures and furniture within the space have been considered to allow custom modularity. Allowing rapid reconfiguration for the Skyview restaurant / bar, Opening Ceremony and the Welcome Reception.

Emotive Storytelling
Creation of deep and emotive connections with guests through display pieces and storytelling that celebrate innovation in the Aerospace industry.

Immersive Experiences
Conveying of an approach which delivers experiences derived from compelling narrative, used to inform and engage. High end innovative technologies employed to enrich the guest experiences.

Champion technology and the sourcing of materials to help provide a space that is grounded in ethical values to deliver the smallest environmental footprint as possible.
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